Anthony Breslin Art Mural Project

Last Thursday, our Year 9 Students welcomed award-winning artist Anthony Breslin to assembly. Known for his eclectic and evocative style, he spoke to our students about an exciting upcoming project.  

As our first 2-year graduating cohort of East Campus, during their final weeks on campus, our students will be mentored by Anthony as artist-in-residence with our own Art team, to create a large-scale art mural next to the East Campus outdoor basketball courts.  

Inspired playfully by the notion of Wisdom and Service, a visual narrative incorporating Anthony’s iconic characters such as bugs, flowers and hearts will be created from 3D canvases of various sizes for the students to personalise. The finished piece will see these works applied over the exterior wall, coming together in a captivating scene to reflect McKinnon’s creative voices and aspirations. We are incredibly proud of our students and the Year 9s will be remembered for years to come as the first students to experience two years at East Campus.

I would like to thank Anthony Breslin and his team for creating this special opportunity for our Year 9 students. I’d also like to thank Peter Quinn, our Facilities team, Peter Eglezos and our Art team, as well as our Year 9 Student Managers, particularly Melinda Howard for facilitating this project during a busy time. I know it will be admired and appreciated for many years to come.

Michael Kan

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