Guest Physics Speaker: Misha Machlak (Class of 2015)

Former McKinnon student Misha Machlak of the graduating class of 2015 was generous enough to speak to current year 10 and 11 Physics students about his experience working for the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). 

His presentation in the school theatre contained valuable insights about the Science of modelling and predicting the weather, but also into post-high school study and employment opportunities related to the students' studies. The students were shown real-time video feeds, data streams and weather models from BoM assets all around the country, as well as 3D print replicas of record-setting hailstones and footage from various extreme weather events. It was a fantastic opportunity for McKinnon Physics students to see many ways that the Physics they are learning is applied in Meteorology, and to reflect upon their own goals for future studies and careers in Physics. 

We are very grateful to Misha for his time and will continue to look for opportunities to host professional guests from relevant industries to present to the students and compliment their studies.  

Mr Jesse Grantham-Smith
VCE Physics Teacher